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Recording Studio

My Music Journey

Scroll back through time and see where I came from.

2019- Present
Best Music Coach: Helping Others

I decided to take what I learned from all previous projects and help others understand how to read, write, understand, play, sing, and perform music. Best Music Coach was founded in 2018 and since then we have

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#1 Best seller 14 unshakable laws book
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22-27 Years Old
Grean Tea the Artist: House Music

Here are a bunch of official releases. Again, co-writing and co-producing as "Grean Tea the Artist" with the deeply creative and talented Kimicoh Harris. A few of these charted on Traxsource and No More charted on Beatport as part of the "Miami Weapons" compilation from Tiger Records. Soulbridge, Guido P and other amazing producers made the productions, mixed, and mastered the music. I did the production and mixing on "What I Thought Your Love Could Be", all versions of "New Gener8tion", and the production and co-writing on the "Technodancitation" EP.

25 Years Old
Grean Tea the Artist: This Machine Defeats

Insisting on filming, editing, writing, producing, mixing, and mastering the entire project myself (including buying and flying a drone) was a massive project. Kimicoh Harris co-wrote and co-produced on all tracks and generously held the camera for most shots in the music videos. says "Released November 4th, 2017, This Machine Defeats was the first studio album LP from Grean Tea The Artist. The 12 songs cover various social issues as described in the titles of each song. The concept of the album is that the artist/humanity or the ‘machine’ can defeat any issue placed in it’s way."


22-25 Years Old
Grean Tea the Artist: Demos

Joining creative forces with ludicrously talented co-writer, and co-producer Kimicoh Harris who managed my "look" and had industry connections, I made a shot at being a pop star. I called myself "Grean Tea the Artist". Here are demos we made. I wrote, co-wrote, produced, and co-produced these, played all instruments, programmed everything, mixed, mastered, and everything else that goes into getting a song done. For "Flyin", "Believe You Me", "Ohh Ah, Ah" I co-wrote lyrics and melody only. 

19-24 Years Old
College: Singing + Gigging

I wanted to make money only from music. So in addition to teaching I starting playing and singing in restaurants, bars, events, and private performances. I played the dingiest dives to the highest-class events. This was fun!I even took the show on the road and performed in France for a few weeks in Lyon. In France did birthdays and restaurants. It was a blast. Here are the demos I used to ship around to get gigs.

19-23 Years Old
College: Jazz + Guitar

In 2010 I heard a guitar solo that blew my mind and made me realize jazz was cool on Nature Boy by someone who I can't remember and the guitarist was Dave Stryker. By a chance of luck or fate I went to Montclair State University and guess who was my guitar teacher...Dave—the man himself. I did not love jazz that much but it was important to my parents I get a liberal arts degree. I gigged, playing up to 5 times a week in bars and restaurants with other musicians playing jazz, funk/fusion, and instrumental music.

19-22 Years Old
Good Ideas

These are all original. My throat hurt from 2011-2015. I'll just say there is a reason I lost my voice and needed 6 months of recovery in 2015. Singing like you hear in these demos is not sustainable and also, arguably, not that nice to listen to. The songs themselves are okay, and there are some great ideas here and there.

2009 - 17 Years Old
First Band: The Concert Hall Crisis

These are demo recordings I made with some extremely talented musicians when we were in high school. Caylen Crawford (guitar), Brinton Crawford (drums) and Emmet (can't remember last name) (bass) created this progressive, hard music. I wrote the lyrics and melodies, some guitar parts, some guitar solos. A lot of the cool guitar stuff and arrangements, and the instrumental parts going on is the brilliant Caylen Crawford. I mixed the music too. This was a big step up from those first demos!

2008 - 16 Years Old
First Songs, Recordings, Arrangements, and Productions

These are demo recordings I made myself. I wrote the songs, played all the instruments (with the exception of the drums and percussion in the few of the songs—thank you Joe Santangelo!), arranged the music, and produced the whole show. I even mixed the music too! This was the start of me learning tons of music skills all at once. I recorded these on tape and physical digital recorders. This was before I had my own computer.

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