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My Story

Dan Spencer’s mission is to share the breakthroughs that came from needing a simple way to understand music while grappling with anxiety and trauma from growing up in a cult. The result of fighting through seemingly impossible odds has resulted in thousands of lives changed through the power of music with Dan serving as a guide and trusted mentor.


Dan is the author of the Best Music Theory Book for Beginners series and other books in the “Best Books for Beginners” series with 8,000+ books sold. Dan is currently coaching a select group of students, recording, producing songs, writing more books, and can be seen and heard as a music expert on XM Radio, TV, The Best Music Podcast, Music Mastery Podcast, and YouTube.

  • 13 books on music published

  • 100s of songs written, dozens released, 2 indie chart placements

  • Professional performing experience on guitar and voice.

  • 100,000+ social subscribers

  • 17,000,000+ views of educational music content on YouTube

  • 100s of pieces of music composed for books

My Mission

My mission is to help people become the best version of themselves through music so they feel good.

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